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How to locate and choose stainless steel column manufacturers and construction methods

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How to locate stainless steel columns and construction methods As the appearance of stainless steel columns, metal texture strong characteristics, popular with the majority of customers welcome, stainless steel column not only in shopping malls, office space and so everywhere can be seen, and also for home decoration, because the stainless steel column surface Is polished and polished after the process, the surface through the mirror and matt and other treatment, in the home very well with the stairs with the perfect match, and easy to clean, which is one of its widely used, stainless steel staircase column and stainless steel Handrail construction technology

A engineering process device embedded parts of the placement device column handrails and column connection grinding polishing

B device embedded parts (after the embedded parts)

Staircase railings embedded parts of the device can only be used after the first buried in the construction of the first grass on the line, the practice is to use expansion bolts and steel plate to make the rear connection. Determine the position of the column fixed point, and then drill on the ground floor drilling with the impact drill, and then install the expansion bolts. After the bolt is positioned, the bolts hold sufficient length. Tighten the bolts while welding between the nut and the screw. To prevent the nut and steel plate loose arm and wall surface connection also take the above method

C line

As a result of the above buried construction. So there may be errors. Column device should be re-placed before the line. If there is a deviation to determine the location of the buried plate and the accuracy of the welding pole. Timely correction should ensure that all stainless steel columns are located on the steel plate, and can be welded around.

D device stainless steel staircase column

When welding the column, a hold the steel pipe to keep it vertical, with a double fit. Channel size welding can not shake, another person welding, to be around the welding, and should meet the welding specifications.

E The armrest is connected to the column

Columns are placed in front of the device, depending on the angle of inclination of the stairs and the roundness of the handrails used. The upper end of the processing of the groove and then put the armrest directly into the column groove, from one end to the other end of the order of the spot welding device, adjacent armrest device docking accurate, seams close adjacent steel pipe docking, the seam with stainless steel Welding rods must be welded along the weld 30 50mm in each side of the oil, burrs, rust and other clean.

F polished and polished

With a hand-held grinding wheel grinding machine will be flat sanding all the good welding. At the same time using the appropriate polishing paste until no weld polishing with flannel wheel or felt for polishing. Until the base material is basically the same with the adjacent, so no visible seam so far. But many people in the purchase of stainless steel column, do not know how to choose the right stainless steel column. Here, the stainless steel column manufacturers to introduce how to choose their own stainless steel column. First of all, we choose according to use, stainless steel staircase column and stainless steel There are two kinds of stainless steel material, one is 200 series stainless steel material, the other 300 series stainless steel material, the main difference between the two materials is the nickel element Because the nickel element is rare elements, the price is relatively high, a ton is about 16 million.300 series of stainless steel column material content is relatively high, but its price is higher .300 series stainless steel column performance and stability And is not easy to rust. 200 series of stainless steel column is easier to rust, and once the rust will affect the overall architectural beauty, in Zhejiang area this situation can be seen everywhere.Therefore, stainless steel column manufacturers recommend that you buy stainless steel column , Not because the price is cheap to buy 200 series of stainless steel column. From the use of the age angle , The 200 series stainless steel column material susceptible to corrosion, resulting in a great impact on the performance of the product itself, the 300 series stainless steel columns can be a good use in coastal areas, do not worry about rust, deformation problems.

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