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Workplace installation and maintenance of common sense

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The screen is also called the interval work desk, the English called PARTITION or PANEL. The work of the screen is the use of the same level of visual isolation, can be reasonable and useful to fully use the limited operating space, scientific combination of independent workplace, the screen work unit makes the use of unit space useful forward, but also invented a comfortable operation surroundings.

With the development and progress of the society, everyone on the improvement of operating conditions, the screen position because of its stylish appearance, space savings plan more and more companies, schools, companies, government and other units of reuse. The wide use of the work of the screen, so that many of everyone on the work of the screen maintenance is very important. Finishing the wrong, will only make the work of the screen becomes more and more dirty, but also simple damage, the release of the air, will lead to dizziness, chest tightness, fatigue and other performance, greatly affect the operation of the power, and cause a variety of diseases The So that the interval screen cleaning is very important. How to work on the screen for the maintenance of it, the following Guangjie furniture share about.

With the aluminum technology and technical skills to improve the screen, the raw materials of the screen gradually into the days of everyone, into the main part of the company decoration. Although the corrosion resistance of aluminum and raw materials are very strong, but in order to reach the decoration of the landscaping effect, or the need for normal days or need to do some regular maintenance.

After the first screen should not be fixed after the random drag, free disassembly, should be a professional staff.

Appearance is not careful to leave the oil, oil, lubricants pollution, can first clean with a paper towel, and then use a neutral detergent or ammonia solution or wash with a special detergent.

If the appearance of the aluminum alloy screen only leave some dust and dirt, etc., can be used to warm water or regular weak lotion to wipe. Some of the goods or paste some of the adhesive tape in its appearance, the best is to use warm water to weaken the detergent to wash, in general, is the best use of binder ingredients alcohol or organic solvent wipe can easily wipe clean.

Cloth and table panel: the most common for the screen cloth panel dirty, a small part of the stain can be 3M foam cleaner spray about

10 seconds later, with a clean soft cloth to wipe, avoid using to wipe the oil wipe, will form a fade and traces.

Screen work should not let the sun direct, to avoid the fabric fade, premature aging, glue off.

Glass panel wipe easy to leave the cloth is extremely difficult to clean, can be soft cloth wipe the water after the old paper to wipe, can protect the light as new, or with a soft cloth stained with oil wipe can also avoid leaving the cloth.

After the interval of the screen before the first spray of its fabric, in the usual beat with a towel, a week at least once a vacuum. Use a small vacuum cleaner to clean. When the company has a stained screen, with a clean cloth wipe from outside to inside.

Aluminum alloy raw materials once a week with a clean towel stained with water after wring dry, repeated a few times to light swipe; if stained with grease, dry cloth can be used clean, or stains clean detergent clean, not water wipe. If there are stains on the aluminum, in order to adhere to its luster, can be wiped with a clean dry cloth. In case of stubborn stains, in the face of a few Biluo beads, and then wipe with a flannel can be bright as new.

Screen appearance to prevent hard objects bump, to avoid scratches, sag.

11, the screen after a year to use the best professional cleaning company cleaning time, pay attention to clean the detergent thoroughly clean.

Vertical and horizontal, modern screen work bit not only beautify the decoration effect, but also improve the home and the company's feng shui. Whether it is workmanship or simple style, the screen is a useful job of a wide range of operating furniture, and has a variety of feng shui utility. It can for you to block the dark arrows and evil spirits, for you to cover the bad inside the Council.

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